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Dear sir/madame, My name is Golkhand Azizinejad, I was born in 1988 in Iran, Babol which is situated in the North of Iran with great climate and job availability, As a child I was really interested in learning languages and had a great talent for that so as soon as I graduated from The ILI ( Iran Language Institute) in 2005 I started teaching at age 17, at first I taught at Simin Khazar & Shokooh institute for two years, at the same time I got accepted at Payame Noor University of Mazandaran, Sari, for my BA, so I studied & worked in the mentioned institutes while I got accepted in Oloom Fonone Kish institute in 2007 and worked there as an adults teacher and gathered lots of great experiences, I also have had many private pupils to make them ready for IELTS & TOEFL exam, as well as conversation classes for spouses & businessmen,in the year 2010 I started teaching in Mahan institute which was exclusively for IELTS,TOEFL preparation, I got insured there for the first time and managed many advanced classes and ran the job of interviewing new students to be fit into right levels too, Then in 2012 I entered Science & Research University of Mazandaran for my MA studies in TEFL, at the same time I got accepted at the ILI which is the most famous English institute in Iran where I Iearned & fell in love with teaching English in my teens, So right now I’m still teaching at the ILI as adults teacher, I also teach IELTS, TOEFL and Conversation classes, I got my MA degree in TEFL in 2014 & published some papers on learning vocabulary through listening which was also my thesis topic and some papers on discourse analysis in different journals,I am superactive & energetic since I am a fitness coach here too, I have a degree in coaching bodybuliding & I run two jobs, I love them both, I can also speak a little french when I passed some private courses in 2012 for a year, I’m sure I can be a useful member in your community, I look forward to your response, Best Regards, Golkhand Azizinejad Mobile: 05531093972

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