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  • المؤهل : Master's Degree
  • خبرة : 6 سنوات
  • باكستان - اخرى - Pakistan

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6 سنوات

I've been working as a tutor for 6 years. Currently, I am doing an MBA. I have a bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. I've good knowledge about business studies and basic subjects’ knowledge about Math, Sciences combined (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Urdu, Statistics, English, Geography, History, Religious Studies, and Social Studies. I have first-hand knowledge of the exam patterns and questioning because I have always been a bright student. So, I'll help in these areas. I am interested in a career in academics and always wanted to become a lecturer in some well-known institution and so I started working as a home tutor, right after my matriculation due to some financial issues in my family, it’s been 6 years now that I am continuously doing this job and with the passage of time I developed more interest and skills in teaching areas. I feel like my generation has an equal responsibility to contribute to society. I hope by being a teacher I can inspire more young people to be educated and should take part in national and international development. I am dedicated, tolerant and an open minded person. I always try to teach my students in a friendly and professional manner that will contribute to their studies, learning, and growth. I keep in touch with parents (when needed only) to enhance the student's performance. I am a consistent, flexible, and positive person. I help my students in understanding new concepts and doing their assignments and tasks. I provide them with exercises, home tasks and supporting materials to enhance their subject knowledge. Here, I'm excited to see my new students. I will help you to gain excellent marks and build strong concepts and subject knowledge.