Development of language skills.... Is the role of tutors or learners?

Languages are the means of communication among people, even if their cultures and customs differ. Everyone wants to learn languages so that they can deal with a new society and communicate with members of this society. Generally, education doesn’t depend only on the role of the teacher or the tutor whether in school or in training courses, but also the learner has an essential role in learning any new language and mastering it skillfully. 
In this article we will discuss very briefly how a learner can acquire any new language skills without relying completely on the language instructor.

Skills of any primary language
First, the ones who prepare to learn a new language, must follow the steps one by one in learning language skills to learn them facilely. These skills are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. There is an arrangement for these four skills that should be followed by everyone who learns a new language until they master the language, and this arrangement is as the following:
-  listening
-  speaking
-  reading 
 - writing 
If this arrangement is followed in learning or teaching a new language, it will be very easy to master the language.

The role of the teacher in teaching any new language
When a person starts to learn any new language, the teacher’s role or the tutor is limited only to delivering information directly, and then the learner’s role comes in developing this language. The learner can develop the language by being aware of all the new ways in learning the language and resorting to new sources such as books and using the Internet which will help to master the language. Practicing the language permanently even for one hour a day results in enhancement of the language level.

Students or learners should not depend completely on the trainer or the teacher and always search for new methods that will help them to acquire the language easily.