What should a teacher do to improve his own skills and thus his career develops?

Self-development is the key of success in any job. Teaching profession is one of the most significant professions in which all the procurators should focus on directing teachers and the development of educational means. As the teacher himself has a substantial role in the issue of career development that is related to him, he has to follow some steps which will help him to enhance his teaching proficiency as a teacher and thus we can improve the efficiency of education.
But many teachers are busy doing their work whether it is part-time or primal work as a teacher and giving private lessons too. Therefore, we have to pay attention to this point and remind everyone of the importance of paying attention to career development. As a result, we can evolve the educational system in a manner that helps to create generations able to meet the challenges of the future.
The question that comes to your mind now is: How does the teacher promote his abilities?
The answer is summarized in some steps: -
1 – Keeping on attending training courses whose content is the means of modern education or teaching in a more worked out manner.
2. Continually view of the latest technologies in the educational process.
3 - Each teacher should read a lot about the subject he is teaching and expand his knowledge to increase his students’ information and provide them with information that isn’t restricted to curriculum. 
4 - Creating a relationship between the student and the teacher which urges the student to consult his teacher in any problem or the difficulties that he may face in his life generally or in studying particularly. 
5 - Reading in all fields not only about the subject which the teacher specializes in, so that he becomes aware of everything around him and he can gain trust of his students.
6 – Following up all current events whether they are social or political. That will make him a role model for his students and he can debate with them on what concerns these events.