Why On-line Tutoring and Training?

Online education has become a very desirable trend recently. Experiencing online teaching is different from experiencing classrooms, as it involves a number of computer-assisted teaching procedures which include some computer tools and programs. Before we discuss the most important benefits of online teaching, let’s talk about two types of online teaching.

Types of online teaching
Synchronous Teaching
This type of teaching includes a real-time online teaching experience. It includes time-bound sessions where both the teacher and the student must be connected to the internet at a specific point in time such as the online classroom led by a tutor.
Asynchronous Teaching
In this type, unlike the above, the courses don’t take place in real time which means that the teacher-student link can be according tot their leisure. For more illustration, thee recorded training courses are a good example of online private tutoring.

The importance of online tutoring
Ease of access and exchange of information
It’s obvious that the access to any resources or information to study in a digital format is easy to access and sharing it makes the learning process better. The teacher or the student can use digital libraries, search engines, and social media to search for sources and information, getting them and finally sharing them.
Engage students
Online teaching involves greater student-teacher engagement which contradicts with classroom interaction that includes many students. On the other hand, online media provides a more intimate session.
Increasing the students learning
Teachers often mention that teaching online enhances the students’ performance. They also participate in discussions during the training online courses.
According to a recent survey of online trainers, 90 percent of them reported that teaching online helps them keep in contact with their student in a more optimal way. It also gives provides them with a better understanding of all students.
Using online teaching methods
Most online teachers mentioned that online teaching methods increased the efficiency because they can organize the training courses in a better way. They can also automate some activities such as periodic tests, exams, grades, etc.
The flexibility in time and place
The teacher can choose the appointment at any time. Teaching online, especially for working professional workers is considered as a blessing, as lessons can be tackled in the evening or on weekends. Therefore, there is no waste of time. Unlike teaching in classrooms, the teacher must go to a training center or institute to give lessons.
The teacher can teach from any place regardless of the students' location which means that teachers and students can interact from different sites via online teaching.
Providing comfort
Online tutoring does not require payments of any travel expenses. The teacher can teach while staying at home, so private online training can be considered as a work from home with flexible schedules.

Providing more teaching opportunities
It is clear that the educational method without any time constraints or sites that paves the way for much greater opportunities for teachers, compared to traditional classroom teaching.
Online teaching enables the teacher to communicate with students in a variety of geographical locations, without incurring any travel expenses, which provides teachers with relatively greater opportunities to teach.
Good management
Teaching online also helps in better management. Anyone can clearly imagine the management challenges that a teacher faces in a traditional classroom compared to online teaching. Unlike teaching in the classroom, the teacher does not have to follow up many students. This reduces the management difficulties, increase focus and enhances the teacher’s performance.
Better organization
The basic benefit of teaching online is that everything is well organized, while avoiding any mismanagement.