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Specialization : Languages | Life-Skills | Career Development and Business Assistance | School Tutoring | University Tutoring

I am a native English speaker from Australia and speak with a neutral accent. I am TEFL certified, have a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science, Masters in Teaching and have taught English as a Second Language, Science, Maths, Chemistry and Biology for 10 years in Australia, UK, Thailand and online. I have taught English as a Foreign Language to students from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, a few European countries and Saudi Arabia since 2016. As a language teacher, my aim is to help my students become more confident communicators and apply their English language skills effortlessly in any situation. My teaching style is personalised, student-focused, centred around students' learning styles and needs and involves frequent inquiry, interaction, discussion, communication and collaboration. I use various resources catering to students' learning needs and styles, mainly communication-based activities, but also those that build their grammar and vocabulary. Some of these include written texts, visual aids, short videos, audio clips, role plays, comprehension exercises, debates on various current affairs and controversial issues and discussion questions. I ensure that my students get enough practice, gain confidence and give them ample opportunities to communicate and practice their English conversation skills. I also regularly provide and receive constructive feedback during and after lessons and always use positive reinforcement in my interactions with students. Aside from general conversation and discussion-based lessons, I also assist students in improving their written communication skills, help them build their confidence in speaking to a large varied audience, prepare for job interviews, presentations, seminars and examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, TESOL and PTE. I teach students from the ages of 12 to university students and predominantly adult professionals. I have assisted in the preparation of annual tutoring curriculum for my students, a subject booklet summarising the topics to be covered in the year, brief notes specific to each topic, assessment tasks and hints and tips for preparing for examinations; preparation of my own notes for students in each topic, giving them individual assistance on any topics they are struggling with, helping them with assignments and other assessment tasks, giving them weekly revision tasks as homework and correcting them and also assisting students with exam preparation. Through working closely with me over the years, my students have managed to accelerate their academic results, have developed a clearer understanding and appreciation of the nuances and concepts of the subjects I have taught them and have been able to apply them in an articulate, coherent and confident manner. I have received very positive feedback from my students, their peers and parents through my services and have formed lifelong constructive professional relationships with them in the process. I would now like to reach out to a bigger student base and offer my services to a variety of students in various subjects, add more value in their learning of various subjects, assist them with their understanding and application of the concepts of the subject, boost their confidence and make an impact on their lives

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