Sowlara Suliman


Online 70 USD / Hour

In-Person 100 USD / Hour

Specialization : Languages | Sports and Fitness | School Tutoring

My name is Sowlara I’m an experienced tutor/governess, I studied Russian language and I attended fitness trainer course . I believe I’m an excellent candidate because of my direct experience in working with different age groups. I organise activities that enhance children’s mental, physical and social well-being. I engage with children on an individual basis to build positive relationships with them. I help children complete homework. I promote language development skills through reading and storytelling and work with parents to develop and implement discipline programs to reinforce positive behaviour. I worked with a big Russian family (4 immediate family members living in the same block) in Moscow. I tutored 12 children from the age of 7-15 after school, different family everyday. Worked one-on-one with each student to assistant in a multiple of learning areas. Identified the needs of learners and if necessary adapted course content and delivery style to meet their needs. I assisted with homework and other class assignments. Developed academic strategies to improve student self-sufficiency. Created lesson plans, reviewed worksheets, and practiced tests to prepare students for weekly tests. Communicated with parents about students’ progress (monthly reports). I also worked with an eight months old. I followed a well-tailered program to develop the baby’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech, imagination, cognition of the surrounding world, emotions, senses, intuition and creativity. I sang musical rhymes and finger-plays. I read books and classic stories to develop imaginative literature. To stimulate memory I played peekaboo and I used a doll to develop social skills. I provided the baby with paper and bright paints, so she can practice painting. I introduced colours, numbers, animals, shapes, musical instruments, famous paintings, operas, vehicles and direction..etc. Recently I had a part time job, teaching English using Montessori method to a 3 years old girl. I carefully select teaching Montessori materials invite the child to choose the activity that meets her interests. I observe and make notes of the child to see where she is developmentally and what skills she is working on. I choose what lessons need to be presented and which ones need to be revisited. I guide the child to learn to rely on the built-in "control of error" in the materials, on control cards or booklets and direct her towards independence. I encourage her curiosity to make new discoveries. I helped her smooth out the rough edges of misbehavior and internalise the concepts of community, grace, courtesy, autonomy and self-confidence.

  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai

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