Trifena Ragasa


Online 47 USD / Hour

In-Person 57 USD / Hour

Specialization : Languages | School Tutoring

Hi! My name is Trifena and I am currently working as a Sr. Financial Planner here in Dubai. I used to work as a tutor when I was in the Philippines, both full time as an English tutor for Koreans and Japanese students on a man-to-man, small group discussion, and online classes for more than 2 years and a part time elementary student tutor to review the students' subject such as Math, Science, English, History and all other subjects helping them review their day to day lessons as well as helping them in doing their assignments and reviewing for their exams. Aside from being a tutor, I also do part time English declamation trainer as I used to compete for such contest when I was a student. In sharing these multiple experiences, I'd like to say that I love teaching and inspiring learning. I am passionate in working with kids most especially. I find a sense of fulfillment knowing that I have imparted something useful to my students and it excites me to utilize my creativity in whatever lessons we tackle.

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  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai - Bin Rashid Al Lootah Building, Karama Dubai, UAE

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