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I'm an Australian personal English language trainer specialising in IELTS, General and Business English. I have students of many nationalities, ages and levels, so I am qualified to help with a Master's in TEFL and TESOL. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Educational Psychology from Murdoch University in Perth. As part of your tailored learning plan, I send you a 45-minute placement test that identifies your knowledge gaps. By doing this, we make sure the focus is on what you need to learn rather than what you already know. I will send you the placement test once you make an appointment and the sessions will be based on your results. Once you are my student, I provide you with 24/7 support and give you access to pages for my students and resources such as Daily English Tips. All learning resources are provided free as part of your tuition. The sessions are on a pay-per-session basis. This means that there is no upfront cost and you can have as many sessions as you want. Keep in mind for every 2 hour session (400dhs), you are given 2-3 hours of homework, so for many people one session a week is enough. I work every day to help busy people all over the UAE like you. (I also love what I do)! It's all part of my aim to be the best personal English language trainer in the UAE. Would you like to be a part of that? If you prefer a call, please let me know and I will make time to discuss your learning goals. Hope to hear from you soon! David 🤓✌ http://linkedin.com/in/djlvarcoe www.facebook.com/EnglishLearnO

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