Noor Sayed


Online 30 USD / Hour

Specialization : School Tutoring

Reliable Under graduate Mathematics and Physics Teacher who understands the very best ways to get students interested in Mathematics and Physics. Adept at presenting dissection projects to all students creating engaging lesson plans and working with faculty to offer educational opportunities to students. Specialized in General Mathematics and Mechanical Physics.

  • Qualification : Master's degree
  • Experience : 9 Years
  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai - Al Furzan

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My Specialities

Years of Experience

9 Years

As a prospective mathematics teacher, I want to make thinking visible to my students. I want them to be able to express their ideas and be able to elaborate on their answers . Therefore, in order for my students to succeed in my class, my teaching style will include many different aspects because I believe it is helpful for students to learn with the aid of such methods as cooperative learning, technology, manipulative, and a variety of assessment techniques.