Georges Kerr


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Specialization : Languages | Life-Skills | Sports and Fitness | Career Development and Business Assistance | School Tutoring | University Tutoring

Civil Engineer - USEK Master of Engineering in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering - AUB Microsoft Certified Trainer 5+ years of experience in Tutoring

  • Qualification : Master's Degree
  • Experience : 5 Years
  • Lebanon - Other - Zahleh

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My Specialities

Years of Experience

5 Years

At the age of 15, I started working in a Summer camp (Kids Summer) to supervise kids. I had a group of 20 students aged between 9-12 years old. I had to conduct a lot of activities such as Football, dancing, painting and others. We had also some swimming sessions where I dealt with the situation carefully especially that many of the students don’t know to swim. I was also responsible on filling feedback reports to the parents about their children. I had the same position at another Summer camp “Agenda Loisir” where I had the same responsibilities. I had also the chance to teach Physics and Mathematics for kids aged 10-17 in two learning centers in my hometown. Students were able to enhance their skills in these subjects and benefit from a strategic learning method. I always focus on explaining the theory clearly and engage the student in its explanation. All the problems ‘solution comes from the theory itself. We had also to focus on the practical side. Some students don’t get enough time to do the calculation in the problems so that was a huge part to focus on. Before their exams, I had to prepare some complex tests to make sure that they will be able to handle a high quiz level during their exam time. That was an absolutely good strategy to prepare students really well. Luckily, the majority had high grades and they improved their skills in other materials as well. As a freelancer, I had to support university students in their courses. They were struggling and need for help to pass their courses. We were doing face to face and live sessions to support them understand fundamental engineering concepts and practice complex problems as well. In 2021, I had the opportunity to work remotely with an Online Coding Academy in my country. This was a very beautiful experience where I taught up to 1100 Classes including Trial session. I had a very high convergence rate of registrations after my trials. The kids were loving the way I teach block-based coding, JavaScript on Scratch, Bitsbox and many other platforms. A lot of students registered many time after taking the course with me because they were learning in a strategic manner where they have clear explanation and vision in their imagination. Students have developed a passion for coding and technology and they were so attached to take their sessions with me. I always try to be their friend that is helping them out create something new. I always try to explain in a manner where they see the output at the beginning, put the steps toward it and get to know how to transform the step into a code. That was really awesome for them. I had also to do some activities during the session to keep their students engaged and having fun while learning how to code. The “would you rather” game for kids is a great ice breaker activity.” Two truths and a lie”: This game is a classic icebreaker for kids that can be played as a whole class or in small groups. We can also have fun using Zoom features. I have a lot of 5 minutes’ activities that helped me gain the heart of my students.

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