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Hi--I'm Aviral! I've 6 years of experience tutoring standardized tests ( GMAT,GRE,PSAT, SSAT,LSAT, ACT, SAT), and 5 years of experience teaching college courses in logic, and nothing makes me happier than watching students of mine who were once intimidated by subjects and tests slowly gain confidence and skill. While in undergraduate, I started tutoring, and I quickly discovered that helping other people reach their full academic potential in a one-on-one setting is extremely productive and rewarding. I now have 6 years of experience working as a private tutor for students who are trying to improve their understanding and scores. All told, I've delivered over 2,500 hours of one-on-one lessons. My emphasis while tutoring is on developing effective test-taking habits that students can apply to virtually every problem that they will confront on exam day. During the first few weeks of lessons, I introduce a few core strategies that are designed to quickly help students improve their conceptual understanding and test pacing, their process of elimination, and their attention to detail. I then give my students homework assignments designed to solidify these habits and strategies, so that they quickly start to feel like second nature. I also tend to be a very encouraging and enthusiastic tutor; more than anything, I want students to feel more confident in their own intelligence and test taking ability after working with me. On test days, my tutees go into the exam room confident that they have mastered a set of powerful strategies that they can apply to every single problem! Contact me to learn more, to set up an introductory call, or to schedule your first lesson. :)

  • Qualification : Master's Degree
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • India - New Delhi - New Delhi

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6 Years

--I have 6 years of experience tutoring standardized tests (GMAT,GRE,LSAT, ACT, SAT), and 5 years of experience teaching college courses in logic --I'm a compassionate and enthusiastic tutor. With my help, you'll develop test-taking habits that will improve your test pacing, that will hone your attention to detail, and that will leave you feeling confident and ready for test day!