Brighton Matanga


In-Person 70 USD / Hour

Specialization : Languages | School Tutoring

I am a male primary school teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. I have taught from grade 4 to grade 10 learners. I employ various progressive teaching and learning methods which promotes grasping and understanding of concepts. I have a strong passion for learners and I always go the extra mile for my learners to achieve the intended goals. I also have the ability to work with learners who have learning barriers/difficulties which are not severe and can provide meaningful remedial work to learners with difficulties in grasping some concepts. I have taught in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively at multiracial schools, as a result, I don't have problems in dealing with learners from different cultural backgrounds.

  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai - 1102 food viiage Al Nadha 1 Dubai

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