Milena Stojanovic


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Specialization : Languages | Life-Skills | Career Development and Business Assistance | School Tutoring

A multi-talented, well organized and strong classroom performer, who has a proven track record of achieving excellent student attainment. I am motivated and ambitious and I would like my students to appreciate and understand the importance of learning the English language. I believe in strong communication between me as a teacher and my students and encourage them to express their ideas verbally by using the English language. Big experience in Oxford University Press, materials helped me to understand how to teach really young students, and have fun. In 2017, I decided to improve my English language skills and I attended the course of English, and then took the TEFL test, and in 2018. TEYL course. In my free time, I'm writing short stories inspired by myths and history, and I published 2 novels. Currently I am writing my 3rd novel, that will be published until end of the year. I am creative, fun, communicative, and I like to use props, fun games, and a lot of topics that can expand material. I like to make some DIY products from wood, paper, metal, polymer clay and natural materials. In my free time I am writing and traveling, learning about history, geography, business etc.

  • Serbia - Belgrade - Nusiceva 2/4

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