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Online 70 USD / Hour

Specialization : Languages | Life-Skills | Career Development and Business Assistance

‏ Sonia Elhaj is a certified coach and trainer who helps adult students and professionals bridge the gap between where they are now in terms of their language, personal and career needs and where they want to be as their most confident, successful and empowered selves. Before making her dreams come true and breaking into the world of  independent consulting, Sonia worked for about two decades as general education faculty, course-designer, team-leader and career counsellor in tertiary education. After a successful career empowering students at various stages of their academic journeys and impacting  transitioning  professionals at mid-career and managerial positions,  Sonia  now  uses a combination of certified coaching skills, experiential education and soft-skills training   to provide personal and professional development to both  individuals and groups. Being anchored in the Co-active model and its underlying philosophy, Sonia lives by and teaches the harmonization and re-balancing of the strategics and energetics of learning and growth. In her free time, Sonia enjoys cooking, fitness and singing. ******Fees depend on service and package provided.

  • United Arab Emirates

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