Why Healthy Food Is Important?


A lot of people think that eating healthy food is a limitation for the purposes of staying thin or losing fat from the body, but the importance and needing for eating healthy food extends beyond that. Its about many other important stuff like maintaining the overall health, staying positive, energetical and vigorous not to mention its benefits to your mood.


So why is it important? Well, that’s mainly because you are getting the fundamentals and minerals of food specific amounts, here is the fundamentals and some information about each of them.


1-Fats: there is two types of fats, there is bad fats which are the main reason for gaining weight, they are bad for your health and diet, and they actually increase the risk of some diseases. However, there are the good fats, which are very important, and they protect your organs like your heart, also some of them are considered essential for your overall health including the mental health, therefore they are responsible for upholding your mood.


2-Protiens: now proteins are vital for giving you energy to get going since it’s the main component of muscles, but so much protein can damage your body organs like your kidneys, more high-quality proteins are needed as the person ages. Something important to be noted that animal products are not the only source of proteins, but there actually a lot of plant sources that you can go with!


3-Carbohydrates: also called the saccharides or what’s known as sugars, and this is actually the main source of energy in the human body, a lot of names don’t mean they are the same, instead there are good carbohydrates that are complex or unrefined, and those are essential and can be found in vegetables, fruits, and grains. However, there are the refined sugars which are kind of bad because those raise your blood sugar and lead to building up fat in your body, those can be found in pastries and sweets etc, they must be avoided as much as possible.


4-Fiber: found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains etc, and these important to help you stay in shape, lose weight, and decrease the risk for strokes, diabetes and other heart diseases.


5-Calcium: you might know that calcium is so important to your body and that’s why you drank milk a lot when you were young, but you mightn’t know what decreases levels of calcium can do to your body, it could be the reason for depression and anxiety, sleep issues and on top of that it might lead to osteoporosis, it must be mentioned that calcium actually needs some other minerals in order to work sufficiently such as: magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K.


Why healthy food is expensive?

According to what we discussed earlier, healthy food consists of vegetables, grains and fruits which compared with processed foods have less calories per gram, so it will take more farming and more work to get the same amount of calories in healthy food than in junk food that are made of processed foods. In addition, when we are talking about healthy vegetables, grains, and fruits, these are produced by human labor compared to processed foods that are produced by machines, therefore we expect the junk food that is machine produced to be much less expensive than healthy food.


Why healthy food tastes bad?

It doesn’t! but what is happening is that you are used to the processed flavored junk food, that are full of prosthetic chemicals and salts, so when you try healthy food that is mild in flavor you will feel that it doesn’t taste good. It is so vital to convince yourself that these healthy foods taste good in order for you to get used to it.