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I hold a Master of Science degree with special honors in the field of mechanical engineering from University of Debrecen. I am currently a PhD. student at University of Miskolc. I have worked as a tutor for five years. During that, I taught the students of secondary school two subjects which were mathematics and Physics. Also, I taught different subjects for college level such as Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Mathematics. My teaching method focuses on three main points. The first one is what so called learn by practicing. The more the student solves problems, the more he manipulates the subject. It builds the confidence and breaks through wall of fear and doubt. The second one is understand the physical and geometrical meanings of the mathematical equations. This can convert mathematical symbols from its boring form into more attractive forms. The third point is to evaluate the student level during the time if possible. In some special cases I used to draw graphs demonstrating the student performance during the time. This points requires a long term lectures and communication between the student and the teacher. However, I cannot blind apply that approach, ignoring the personality of the student. In most cases, determining the method depends on the the nature of the student, difficulty of the course and goals.

  • المجر - Mednyánszky László Street. Miskolc , 3524, ( Hungary)

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