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Dear Sirs, I'm Shereen Atef Ali Khalil, once you send me material, you became not alone. Feel free to contact me any time, you will find me always at your support. We really could work together for best results, I could conduct you several types of materials in the way which suited you, we could say and repeat till the content be absorbed not only reached you. I simply could help my dear students in Arabic language for beginner foreigners, English for primary stages, Math from early beginners up to secondary stages, Physics is too simple too plus assisting in doing home works and assignment. In addition to Soft Skills booklets and Research and Developments for multiple working or industrial fields, Marketing and Sales, Analytical Marketing and Warehouse/Supply Chain materials/reports/ orders, Pricing list preparations, Assisting professors in preparing books, summering references and collecting data. School students, Faculty students, Faculty researchers, Professors and Teachers, any paper or R&D employees are welcomed to do work both in Arabic or English. Best wishes, Shereen Atef Khalil

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