About Ustazk

HalaPro is now Ustazk

We are happy to announce that HalaPro has been rebranded to Ustazk


These days learning is more than just going to a classroom and taking lectures. It's about connecting with people, expanding your horizons, and learning more with each day. Ustazk, the best online tutoring site equips you with the tools to do all three. With our learning platform, you will be able to find professionals and tutors from all around the world just a few clicks away.


Improve Your Skills ...

Skills are perhaps the key to success in the modern world!

At Ustazk, online tutoring site, we offer you a look into numerous professionals, talents and tutors from all over the world together in one place. Find your skills and improve them with guidance from the best of the bunch.


Why Ustazk ...

Professionals these days, whether freelance or fulltime, have to adapt to an ever-changing world by adopting skills and learning new things on the go. We mostly do this through education and online tutoring. The results are often not what we desire because we are being limited. With Ustazk you can connect to the top talents, tutors and professionals around and learn a lot more than was possible before.