About Ustazk

HalaPro is now Ustazk

We are happy to announce that HalaPro has been rebranded to Ustazk

Ustazk is the biggest platform to help students to find & connect with qualified tutors and trainers for in-person and online tutoring and training, provide online courses and webinars.
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Are you a student interested in online courses, in-person or online tutoring & training or learning from live webinars?

Learn and upgrade your skills from more than 4000 qualified tutors and trainers across all subjects & specialties. Our e-learning platform aims to help students to find qualified tutors and trainers for in-person and online tutoring and training, while also providing online courses and webinars.

Discover categories such as:
◉ School tutoring
◉ University tutoring for most majors
◉ Languages
◉ Sports & Fitness
◉ Programming, marketing, and design
◉ Business coaching and assistance
◉ Musical instruments
◉ Life skills and soft skills

Are you a teacher, tutor, or trainer?

If you are a teacher, trainer or tutor and looking for students in your area, you can register and download Ustazk app to start providing your tutoring and training services or your online learning courses.
No matter if you are a student or learner looking to learn new skills, languages, sports or prepare for a test or exam, or you are a trainer, teacher or tutor, Ustazk is sure to help you with its cutting-edge learning platform.

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Ustazk’s online platform is highly interactive and includes the following features:
1. Audio and video connections
2. Share documents in real-time
3. The ability to download the shared document at any time
4. Whiteboard allows trainer and tutor to write on a video screen for students & learners

Ustazk offers you, specialized trainers and tutors, for all school and university subjects and curricula, we cover a wide variety of university courses across majors and prep tests (SAT, IELTS, EMSAT, TOEFL) & Languages.

You can also find experts to help you master PowerPoint, Excel, write the perfect CV, improve your public speaking skills, prepare for business interviews, and much more.