How it Works ?

Trainer/ Tutor

Join the best tutors and trainers and provide your classes and sessions either in-person or on-line whenever and wherever you want!


Enjoy a wonderful learning experience with our talented tutors and trainers wherever and whenever you want!

  • Create

    your account with Ustazk and enter your learning preferences

  • Search

    for the subject that you would like to learn

  • Pick

    your tutor or trainer based on your preferences

  • Book

    your session to meet face-to-face or online with your tutor/ trainer

  • Create trainer/ tutor account on Ustazk

  • Activate your account through your registered mobile number or email address

  • Browse, search and communicate with students and trainees through Ustazk application, chat with them to determine their training and tutoring needs

  • Ustazk app will alert you by notifications and e-mails once a student sends you training/ tutoring request, you may accept or reject them

  • At the end of the session you can use Ustazk app to confirm that the lesson is delivered, and the student will also rate the session from his side

  • Start your journey with training and tutoring with Ustazk, get more benefits and preferences and as your rating gets. Ustazk recognizes distinguished trainer and tutor with the excellence crown badge

  • Receive your profits straight into your Ustazk account, you can transfer your profit to your PayPal account at the end of each month