• The first half hour with the tutor/ trainer is guaranteed for satisfaction, where the student or trainee can cancel the lesson and we will refund him/her immediately.
  • Ustazk's objective is to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any complain against your session or tutor then you can easily report the problem and we will refund you after investigating the case.
  • The student or trainer/ tutor can cancel the lesson up to one hour before the start of the lesson or session and the student will be refunded the full amount immediately.
  • If the tutor/ trainer didn’t show-up to the lesson/ session, then the full amount of the session will be refunded to the student’s account. 
To improve your chances to receive training and tutoring requests can be done through the following steps:
  • Complete your profile with full details
  • Setting fair and competitive prices for your session/ lesson
  • Share your profile on social media, where there are buttons for all social media accounts. You can easily share your Ustazk account with your friends or students.
  • Provide free group lessons/ sessions to introduce students to your skills
  • Ensure delivering high-quality training and tutoring, which will lead to raise your rating and receive the distinguished trainer/ tutor badge.

The tutor/trainer can wait for the equivalent of half the time of the session or lesson and if the student does not show up then the lesson/ session will be considered completed.

Ustazk's fee is 20% of the total session income and decreases to 10% if the tutor/ trainer completes more than 100 training hours and achieves 4 stars rating.


The profits of the trainer or teacher are calculated from the completed lessons/ sessions and will be sent to the paypal account on a monthly basis.

The trainer and tutor can view his/her balance at any time through his page on the HalaPro website or app.

The process of accepting Ustazk's tutors and trainers is very strict and go through several stages to ensure delivering the highest quality of sessions and lessons. There are also tools to report any problem quickly and smoothly.

You can book your sessions/ lessons whenever and wherever you want… Either online or in-person.

  • Ustazk covers a wide range of specialties and subjects that tutors and trainers can offer in-person or online
  • Ustazk provides all training and tutoring services either online or in-person
  • Tutors and trainers are evaluated after each lesson or session in order to ensure that only best trainers and tutors are avialble on Ustazk's platform.
  • Ustazk can be easily accesses from any browser or smart device
  • Ustazk guarantees you safety, quality and of course the best prices


  • Experience in training, tutoring or teaching in the field of specialization for not less than two years
  • Relevant academic qualification
  • Ability to use Ustazk Mobile application