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Join us, Be an Online Tutor

Ustazk aims to expand and be inclusive of more talents. Teachers, professionals, tutors, we are aiming to provide an environment that is inclusive of them all and conducive towards interaction. And to do so, we want you to join us, be an online tutor and work with us on this journey.

Ustazk aims to be the platform for people to learn more about themselves and the fields they want to improve themselves at. We understand the importance of connections and learning from individuals is the best way to acclimatize to the rigors of the modern world and the demands of modern education. It is not an easy task and can only be made bearable through consultation and tutoring from professionals who are already in the game. Ustazk is a service that provides you with the means to do that.

At Ustazk, we plan on bringing to the world an online platform that connects not just students with teachers, but both with industry professionals as well. It is a network that plans on being the one place for everyone to get together and share their experiences.