What Is The Best Way To Learn A New Foreign Language [2022]?

Learning a new foreign language might be tricky to some, of course, it depends on the difficulty of the language, but mostly depends on the learner himself and how much he is willing to give effort and spend time in order to master it. What is the best way to learn a new foreign language? 

Here is a list of tips to guide you to learn a new foreign language:

  • Be real with it:

    • You have to know that learning a new foreign language is not going to be done in a night or a couple, it will take some time, so you should not feel overwhelmed or excited to learn it quickly, instead put a simple, real goal, and start with it, and for those who asks about starting with the grammar, don’t start with the grammar, but start with learning and using normal words of the new foreign language on people, and 50 words is a good number of words to start with.

  • Add it to your home:

    • Meaning that you should introduce it in your home, so your brain would think of it as a usual and normal thing, thus getting used to it, so for example: name everything in your home with its meaning in the new foreign language that you wish to learn and put it on that thing, so every time you walk beside it you read it and remember it, another example is to speak with your family members with it and maybe read them something in that language.

  • Use technology to learn it:

    • Technology has been a life necessity the past years and has been introduced into almost every aspect of life, and that’s a great and new way to learn a new foreign language, how? Firstly, you can check the language sites that give you the opportunity to learn it in a game-like way, secondly use the technology as a helper, for example: If you play video games, set the new foreign language as the main language in the game, also you can set it in your phone, computer or anything electronic and that will help you learn it and help your brain getting used to it.

  • Learn the culture of the language:

    • If you want to make it easier for you to learn the new foreign language, you should learn about the culture of the language and the culture of the countries that speak that language, and that will help you a lot to immerse into the process, keep you high hype to it and not losing the passion to learn it. You can learn the characteristics of the countries that speak it, like the foods, the places and the writers and authors of these countries, etc. Make sure to try as hard as possible to learn these things in the new foreign language to make it much easier.

  • Meet people who speak it fluently:

    • A very good way to make it easier too is to meet people who speak the new foreign language that you want to learn fluently and be friends too, these people are going to help you a lot with the process of learning the language, first, they will let you understand the cultural references of the language, they will let you know the metaphors and similes of it and they will also correct your mistakes and much more. In addition, they will give you the chance to practice it since practicing is the most important step into learning new foreign languages.

  • Know your mistakes and correct them:

    • Making mistakes is a very normal thing when learning anything especially new languages, you are expected to make a lot of mistakes, and that is more than normal, and you should not let that hold you back, but rather you should correct them and be happy and proud that you discovered them, then try to remind yourself every now and then of these words or whatever the mistakes were and the correct form of them, that way you will make sure that you will never forget them.

  • Get teachers and tutors to help you with it:

    • You can use the help of some professional and qualified online tutors and trainers that will help you and guide you through the process of learning a new foreign language, you can find these tutors in Ustazk, which is a big educational platform that aims to ease the learning and tutoring process and make it available anywhere and everywhere.