7 Steps to make studying easier


Studying somethings might be tricky sometimes, and some people may have difficulties with studying in general. In this article, steps to make studying easier will be presented and fully explained, hopefully it will cover your problem and solve it entirely.


1-Always start your studying as early as possible, and that means to start your study at least 2 days to a week before your exam or quiz, of course the subject and the material of the exam will define the period needed. However, always give more time than needed, and that’s because you are going to be less stressed because you have a lot of time ahead before the exam, and that will increase the efficiency of your studying a lot.


2-Make a schedule, success is always linked with time, if you want to be successful you have to be organized with spending time, and the best way to do that is to make a schedule, write on it the material that you have to study and divide it into parts, give every part the appropriate time for it, and the day or date you will do it in, and always leave free time before the exam, a day or a couple for revision.


3-Start your studying alone. Some people prefer to study with someone else, a friend or a group of friends, but sometimes that is not correct and here is why, so when you study with someone else you might skip something because the other person studying with you know it well and good at it, so you presume that you know it very well too, while you don’t at all, and that happened to a lot of students and they realize it late before the exam when they are revising, but they can’t do anything at that time, so always start your studying alone, later if you feel that you are good at it and you just want to do a revision, you can do it with a friend or in a group.


4-Study over a guide, it is so important to have a study guide in order to show you what you need to cover, how are you going to cover it and where are you going to cover it from, so for example: if I have an exam next week in 5 chapters of physics. First, I must know what the material is and what is the connection between the chapters, so after I complete studying, I should revise it all and link the ideas in every chapter and connect the dots. Secondly, I should know what every chapter contains, and how much time it needs in order for me to fully cover it. Thirdly, I have to know the sources of my study, that includes the books, websites, and the notes you wrote.


5-A good way to check your studying is to teach it to someone else, so after you finish your studying of a certain chapter, go to your brother or your friend and try to explain it to them, if it went smoothly and he understood it from A to Z without any struggles, then you are good to go, However, if there were any problems in the process, you might want to go back and revise it again.


6-Get enough sleep before your exam, this is a very important point a lot of people miss, and go to exam with just a few hours of sleep, and this is a disaster because they will not be able to focus well in their exams and a lot of mistakes might happen, and believe it or not, sleeping actually stores the information you have taken and sorts it in your mind, that way it will be easier for you to retrieve it when needed (in exam), so make sure to get enough sleep the night before your exam, (6 hours are enough).


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