Music and Health

No one can disagree that music has a large impact and effect on us, music is like an explosive expression, a something that can touch humans emotionally, and despite the differences between us as humans, we all love it and hear it most the times, it is like a universal language that all can listen to, agree with, and understand.


Everyone knows a specific song or couple that reminds them of a specific emotional memory, whether it’s a beautiful one or a bad one that reminds them of a loss of someone or something, so why is that? What is the connection and what is the link? Well, a lot of people say that music is somehow linked and hardwired with our brains and our bodies, it is like encoded in our gene and echoed in the physiology of our bodies.


Studies have shown that music can actually benefit the mental health by increasing the amount of dopamine which is a chemical that is produced in the brain and used to treat depression, so music can treat depression. Other study has concluded that some hip-hop music could help some people understand mental health disorders.


1-Decreasing anxiety and pain, music can indeed decrease pain for a lot of people especially who has undergone surgery, as a test that was held on several patients, it concluded that music has highly affected them after the surgery and reduced the pain, and it was decreased significantly when the patients chose the music the listened to. In addition, research has found that music may be useful for the treatment of patients of fibromyalgia which is a disorder that causes fatigue and muscle pain, where it was found that listening to relaxing and calm music can actually decrease the pain and increase the functional and physiological mobility, according to researchers.


While the exact of how does music relieve the pain remains indefinite, many scientists and researchers believe that the reason behind it is that listening to music trigger the brain to release pain relievers also known as opioids, and that was proved by a bunch of students who gave Naltrexone which is a substance that is used as a drug and it blocks the opioids signals to some patients and the result was that they experienced less pleasure from listening to music, even their favorite songs.


2-Music support the memory, where sometimes when you are listening to a certain song, you may remember a specific word or place or event that happened in the past and this song made you remember it, whether it was a good memory or a bad one, and that made a lot of scientists study this phenomena and investigate deeply into it, because it actually may help in the memory recall!

A study was carried on a number of people, where they were given some words in a foreign language, some of them were given the words normally, and the other were given the words in a rhythmic way, and when asked to recall the words, it was found that the people who were given the words in a rhythmic way been able to recall it much faster and more precise than the other ones, as a result to these studies and experiments and their results, researchers believe that music could be used to treat some disorders like Alzheimer and early stages of dementia.


In conclusion to what have been mentioned, music is considered useful and important to our health, and learning music as well, so Ustazk offers you a chance to learn music and sail in the musical world with our qualified music teachers and tutors from all around the world, and in the costs you wish !