Signs which prove that you need a private trainer or tutor

Generally, educational or teaching process is not an easy one for both students and teachers. The success of this process depends on how both of them cooperate, on used explanatory means to deliver information in a better way and finally on the method that the teacher uses to teach his students. However, in some cases there is an urgent need to a private instructor or tutor who explains to only one student or a group of few students.
In this article we will acquaint with some cases that require the help of a private trainer or teacher. These cases are called learning difficulties which include difficulties faced by some students, especially children. These cases are as the following:
1 -Difficulty of being able to read; here the child or the learner find it difficult to recognize letters and so they find it difficult to read.  In this case, they need a specialist in delivering information about reading and recognizing the shapes of letters properly by using special explanatory means to grab the students’ attention on dealing with them.
 2 - The difficulty of writing process: The process in which the child or the learner find it difficult to use the pen and write the letters properly to form a word resulting in the formation of a sentence. In this case the child or the learner needs a private tutor to help him in the writing process and word formation.

3 - Lack of understanding of calculations: Generally, mathematics is full of difficulties for those who suffers from this problem. In this case they need a private teacher just to help them to understand the calculations very well and make progress with good results later on. He also can start with the student by easy calculations and be very patient with him, so that he makes him understand and solve calculations. Then, the student will be able to solve complicated calculations, so his mind will be trained appropriately.