Teaching methods that students like and the teacher succeeds with it

The educational process is not easy, nor is it difficult. It is easy for those who can create new ways and methods to deliver information to the recipient or the student. However, it is difficult for those who cannot innovate and create. In addition, they do not have passion for being teachers or trainers. The students’ perception differs from one to another according to age groups, teaching methods and the curriculum which is taught and delivering information methods.


In this article we will tackle teaching methods that have showed a huge success in the last few years. These methods are:

  1. The use of educational means: These means have developed with the current time developments and technology development. For more illustration, in the last few years, they used sign boards that were made by those who were good at Arabic calligraphy or writing clearly and properly by using some colors and shapes that help to deliver information well.


2- Using modern devices: The computer specifically has a significant role in this process whether by the capabilities of the device and the programs it contains or using the Internet. It helps a lot to deliver information properly, especially when students are allowed to use the Internet in doing researches, studying and resorting to learning platforms.


3- Scientific Researches: urging students to do scientific researches on a subject that is related to their studies or curriculum, is a very effective way. This makes the student used to searching and knowledge in a way that makes him likes the scientific subject that he is studying. It also enables him to get to know everything about the curriculum and acquire research skills and coordination.


4- Practical Experiments: - Undoubtedly, doing practical experiments is the shortest way to deliver information to the student whether it is a scientific subject or literary subject. When the student sees practically what he is studying in reality, it makes perception and delivering information easier.