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Hello My name is Eman Ahmed. I am from Egypt and I am a professional language instructor with over a decade of experience teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers. I teach both modern standard Arabic (“fus-ha”) and Egyptian colloquial Arabic – so I teach both the formal written Arabic that you find in books and in the newspaper, and the everyday form of the Arabic language that you would hear on the street here in Cairo. I have taught students at all levels, both online and in formal classroom settings. My students have come from many different fields, including US Air Force Academy cadets and American college professors. Whatever your language level is, whether you are just starting with your first Arabic words – or you are trying to improve your advanced Arabic, I will be more than happy to meet you at your level and help you advance. I am well practiced with a number of online mediums and tools for teaching – including Zoom and Skype – and Whiteboard. So whatever your vocation – whatever your language level – I will be happy to serve as your language instructor.

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