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Specialization : Languages | Life-Skills

With over 10+ years of experience in academia I can say I am a professor, an educator, a mentor, a coach, a public speaker, and most importantly an artist. My students are the center of the learning process and the vibrant colors to the work of art I develop in every class. Painters are not obligated to depend on one color for their painting, and neither am I; I am not obligated to depend on one theory or one technique for my teaching. Instead, I use a palette of creative techniques and apply them for assimilating distinctive, tailored solutions to problems and challenges that may arise. Therefore, I always tailor my teaching and class objectives to the students understanding and comprehension rather than only “lecturing” the student. To contribute to the learning centered environment whether through the traditional face to face approach or online learning, I view myself as not only an educator- but a facilitator and an artist- in which my students are the center of the learning process and the vibrant colors of the work of art that we develop together. Changing the lives of my students, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves, and giving them the necessary knowledge and tools for developing a bright future is my priority.  My main goal is to empower my students to reach their full potential. Their success is my success.

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