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My name is Ghada from Egypt. I have graduated from faculty of Science . Actually I am teaching many students in different subjects through internet. Generally I have been teaching either local classes in my country and then online classes since 2015. I have already taught many many ONLINE classes for students of different ages, levels and nationalities from all over the world and left home tutoring at current time to focus on online tutoring.I feel that it is an easy way for teaching specially I share screen for the books that I teach and have white board on the screen through which I can write any note with my digital pen and tablet which are connected to my laptop, also the student can write on the screen if needed or on an external paper and I can save any note and send it to the student if he doesn't want to write anything, and also there will be video live meetings if the student need that. I can send homework to my students and after they do it,they can send it to me, so you will feel that you are in a face to face class at your home with your preferable teacher,and the advantages of the online tutoring is that you don't need your teacher to come to your place and also you don't need to go to the teacher's home, and you can take the class at flexible times for both of you and your teacher, and you can choose the best teachers all over the world and take classes with them online !!! I can teach you Modern standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Qur'an with Tajweed, Biology, and Triple Science . I will use technological tools and creative ways in teaching, I can use many applications such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or any Suitable application.

  • Egypt - Alexandria

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