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Hello, I'm M Faheem, a dedicated educator and accomplished computer scientist. Holding a gold medal and boasting a decade-long tenure, I specialize in teaching computer science and software development. My expertise encompasses a diverse range: Machine Learning: Guiding students through the intricacies of machine learning. Data Analysis: Navigating the world of data and its analysis. Programming Languages: Proficient in Python, C++, JavaScript, and Php. Data Structures and Algorithms: Unraveling the complexities of data manipulation. Competitive Programming: Equipping students for success in coding competitions. Computer Science (GCSE, IGCSE): Empowering students with computer science knowledge. Programming Fundamentals: Laying a strong foundation in programming. Object Oriented Programming: Demystifying the world of OOP. SQL: Navigating databases with SQL expertise. Web Development: Crafting the web through skilled development. My students consistently excel, achieving victory in global coding competitions and hackathons. With my guidance, you'll embrace the world of computer science and programming with confidence.

  • Qualification : Master's Degree
  • Experience : 10 Years
  • Pakistan - Other - Chak no 362/w.b Tehsil Dunya pur District Lodhran

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10 Years

With a decade-long commitment, I've been a guiding force in the world of computer science and software development. My journey spans college classrooms and esteemed international platforms like Preply and Learn2Code. Proficient in Python, C++, JavaScript, and Php, I've unraveled complexities from machine learning to data analysis. I've empowered students in competitive programming, fostered solid foundations in programming principles, and demystified object-oriented programming. Navigating SQL databases and crafting web development skills, I've left a trail of success, with my students excelling in global coding competitions. Join me to explore computer science and programming with a decade's worth of impactful experience.

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