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Specialization : Languages | Musical Instruments | Life-Skills | Programming and Design | Career Development and Business Assistance | School Tutoring | University Tutoring

Eng. Safi Marroun comes from a civil engineering background while pursuing knowledge and skills related to nature, art, design, technology and business. Safi likes to distinguish himself through innovation and creativity in every aspect of life. Philosophy and anything about the mind always grabs his attention. The future of our globe is all he can think of every morning. The rapid advancement of technologies seems to have some mixed impact possibilities on our planet earth. This keeps him motivated to learn continouously about sustainability and its importance for human survival in order to contribute to his community with positive impact actions.

  • Qualification : Master's Degree
  • Experience : 9 Years
  • Saudi Arabia - Riyadh - Al-Nakheel Dist

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My Specialities

Years of Experience

9 Years

Started as a construction site engineering, then gradually moving towards management of a project. Afterwards, Safi gave attention to ISO 9001 QMS, Quality Management Systems Auditing from development to effective implementations. Briefly after, LEED AP and green projects were the main focus. In 2018, took a slight detour towards the world of business and founded an active and skating lifestyle shop, LocoSonix experiencing the entrepreneurial life.

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