Umaima Nadeem


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Specialization : Languages | Programming and Design | School Tutoring | University Tutoring

Heya there, It's Umaima here a future Psychologist! I'm currently doing a Bachelors in Psychology from APU.I have aced my results in IGCSE'S and A-levels specifically in Science's subjects. I'm very keen on taking a journey with multicultural students facing difficulties in their studies and complications they are having with learning notes or understanding concepts. I'll be giving you all exposure to various forms of studying techniques that I have used in my schooling years. This will help you all reach your potential and accomplish growth in knowledge and your own understanding. Techniques like Brainstorming or flashcards activities would also enhance your learning style as well as give you a different approach to studying for exams and assessments.

  • Qualification : Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience : 2 Years
  • United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi - Reem Island, Gate Towers

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My Specialities


Programming and Design

University Tutoring

Years of Experience

2 Years

I have had a teaching experience of 1.5 years. I have recently started taking up more students who are facing difficulties covering the extensive content of IGCSE'S (O-levels) as well as children studying in primary grades. My experience allows me to get better knowledge in understanding the core concepts and theories of a subject. It also provides me a pathway to handle students who are not having the motivation or the willingness to study.