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Assalamu Alaikum Warehmatullah e Wa Barakatu. My name is Khadija Siddique (Online Holy Quran Teacher). and I'm Certified Hafiza with Ijazah, Alhamdulillah. I'm a Bi-Lingual English-Urdu Speaker My Maximum Response Time (Day) is 30 Seconds to 1 minute My Maximum Response Time (Night) is 1 Hour (2015) graduated from Jamia Muzahir Al Aloom. (2012) obtained Ijazah with connected Sanad to the prophet ( peace be upon him) in the narration of Hafs An Asem. (2005) completed memorizing the Holy Quran. (2016) Training course (strategies for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers). (2013 – 2015) English course at Al-Azhar English Training Center (level C1 With A+ Grade). ✅ 10+ years of online teaching experience (+3000 online hours). (2022 – Now) An online Quran and Tajweed, and Qaida tutor ) ✅6+ Years of Local Institutes teaching experience (6 Days In a Week and 10 Hours Daily )(Alhamdulillah).) Languages ✅Arabic (Native) ✅ English (Native) ✅ Urdu (Native) ✅Punjabi (Native) ✅Seraki (Native) Can teach the following Courses:(Alhamdulillah) ✅Quran Memorization (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran Recitation (Beginner - Expert) ✅Arabic Language & Grammar In Urdu (Beginner - Expert) ✅Arabic Language & Grammar In English (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran Tajweed (Beginner - Expert) ✅Ijazah with Sanad (Beginner - Expert) ✅Noorani Qaida/Noor Al- Bayan. (Beginner - Expert) ✅Daily Masnoon Duas and Supplications. (Beginner - Expert) ✅English (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran & Tajweed (Beginner - Expert) ✅Holy Quran recitation and memorization (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Diniyaat (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Arabic for Non-Arabs (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Islamic studies (Beginner - Expert) ✅Computer for kids (Beginner - Expert) ✅Hifz and Nazra with Tajweed (Beginner - Expert) ✅Hifz ul Quran (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qaida Noorani and Masnoon Duas (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Tajweed and Islamic studies with Qirat e Quran (Beginner - Expert) ✅Coran (Beginner - Expert) ✅Tafsir (Beginner - Expert) ✅Holy Quran Pak (Beginner - Expert) ✅English for kids (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Tafseer (Beginner - Expert) ✅Dars e Tafseer (Beginner - Expert) ✅Dars e Nizami (Beginner - Expert) ✅Tajweed and Nazra Quran (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran & Tajweed (Beginner - Expert) ✅ Qur'an (Beginner - Expert) ✅Holy Quran Recitation and Memorization (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Arabic for non-Arabs (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qaidah Nooraniah (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran Hifz & Nazera, Tajweed, Noorani Qaida (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qur'anic Recitation and memorization (Beginner - Expert) ✅Tilawat (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qur'aan (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and Madani Qaida (Beginner - Expert) ✅Holy Quran recitation and memorization (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qaida Noorani and Masnoon Duas (Beginner - Expert) ✅Quran and tajweed and Islamic studies with Qirat e Quran (Beginner - Expert) ✅Arabic Alphabet and Quraan recitation (Beginner - Expert) ✅Answering questions about Islam from non-Muslims (Beginner - Expert) ✅Madani Qaida (Beginner - Expert) ✅Qur'an (Thilawath) (Beginner - Expert) ✅10 Qirat with Tajweed rules (Beginner - Expert) ✅Holy Quran Memorization with Tajweed (Beginner - Expert) ✅Noorani Qaida and Duaa (Beginner - Expert) ✅Salah Method (Beginner - Expert) ✅Prayer Method (Beginner - Expert) ✅Essential Duas (Beginner - Expert) ✅Essential Hadees (Beginner - Expert) ✅Essential Hadiths (Beginner - Expert) ✅Namaz Method (Beginner - Expert) ✅Prayer Method (Beginner - Expert) ✅40 Hadiths (Beginner - Expert) ✅All Tajweed Rules (Beginner - Expert) ✅Six Kalimas (Beginner - Expert) ✅Tajweedi Quran ✅Coloured Quran ✅Coloured Tajweedi Easy Quran ✅Use of Highlight Tool While Teaching ✅Use of Pen Tool While Teaching ✅Native English Speaker ✅Licensed Zoom ID ✅Easy Zoom Class Joining Link ✅Also Available Teaching Via Skype ✅Native English Speaker ✅Bi-Lingual English Urdu ✅Islamic Education for Kids ✅Islamic Education for adults ✅Monthly Feedback to Parents/Guardians ✅Use of Both English Teaching Style Of Holy Quran and Urdu Teaching Style of Holy Quran ✅Use of Fatah, Kasra, Dharma, and Inverted Dhama as Zabar, Zer, Pesh, and Ulta Pesh ✅Friendly Environment During Class (Disclaimer) Tags to Improve My SEO(Hope You Don't Mind it) #tilawat e Quran, #tilawat Quran #quran tilawat #tilawat Quran pak best tilawat Quran tilawat quran best voice hd quran tilawat,tilawat e quran surah yasin tilawat,hd Quran tilawat recitation learning famous tilawath,new tilawat❤ Quraan ki tilawath beautiful tilawath, sure fatiha tilawath Arabin tilawat tilawath ayatul kursi 360 motion bd Tila with most beautiful tilawath सूरह अन-नस्र ki tilawath Quran shareef ki tilawath, beautiful tilawat hifz Quran hifz hifz Quran hifz al Quran quran hifz course quran hifz online hifz ul quran quran hifz for kids quran hifz karne ka tarika hifz ul quran course quran hifz for adults hifz classes for adults hifz quran online quran hifz classes near me online hifz ul quran course free easy hifz,hifz course hifz routine hifz lesson 1 hifz class part 2 online hifz class tamil hifz course hifz course online hifz classes online hifz courses online memorization memorization techniques rote memorization memorization tips quran memorization easy memorization memorization methods freemason memorization memorization technique memorization strategies memorization for students memorization techniques for medical school memorize,memorize tips memorizing,memorize pi memories memorise memorizing pi visualization how to memorize memorize lines memorize poems memorize plays memory competition quran recitation recitation,quran recitation really beautiful calm recitation,relaxing recitation beautiful recitation emotional recitation best quran recitation quran sleep recitation heart melting recitation,quran recitation for sleep quran recitation beautiful quran recitation really beautiful surah baqarah quran recitation really beautiful amazing crying best quran recitation in the world #recitation surah ar rahman beautiful recitation hifdh hifdh family hifdh journey

  • Qualification : Doctoral Degree
  • Experience : 10 Years
  • Pakistan - Other - Worldwide

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